Weight Loss

At Cass Clinical MedSpa, we take a different approach to weight loss—one that helps you take the weight off and keep it off.

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How? At Cass it’s not just about products and supplements; we also address diet and lifestyle change… All in a medically supervised environment to make sure you stay safe—and that the process works. Finally… get your “ten years ago” body back!

We’ll start by asking some questions about your history and your goals, so we can find out what’s worked and what hasn’t. You’ll come away with a 12-week nutrition plan and a 12-week exercise plan, plus a free life coaching session where we can talk about setting goals, rewarding yourself when you reach them, staying accountable to yourself and more.

But what’s more, the entire process will be medically supervised by medical doctor Dr. James Craig, M.D.

In other words, we set you up to succeed, not fail.

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