Younger Skin

Understanding Retinol

A less-potent form of Retin-A, retinol can speed the skin cell turnover process and result in newer, fresher skin cells.


Our Story & Who We Are

CASS Clinical Med Spa offers advanced skin care and aesthetics with minimally invasive procedures, completed with little to no down time and/or risk.

Is Bellafill Right For You?

If you've experienced volume loss in your face and wish to recapture a more youthful look, Bellafill may be the right filler for your needs.

Younger Skin

The Long-Term Result of a Bellafill Investment

A major consideration with any dermal filler treatment is longevity. Bellafill is truly unique among, because it lasts for up to five years and can even be permanent.

Younger Skin

Why Bellafill Is Different

What makes Bellafill different from other dermal fillers? Bellafill is the first and only dermal filler to be approved and classified as a permanent dermal...

Younger Skin

Microneedling: The Best Thing That Can Happen to Your Face

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, involves using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin.

Younger Skin

Reversing the Effects on Your Face From Smoking

It’s well known that smokers have a high risk of developing serious diseases, such as heart disease and lung disease, arthritis, cancers of the body, immune disorders, and infertility. But smoking also has detrimental effects on your skin, accelerating the aging process.


9 Things We Tell Ourselves That Are Sabotaging Our Futures

Self-awareness is the first step in making a change in your life. All day, everyday we are listening to an inner conversation that is quite often very destructive.

Fat Reduction

Diamond Level CoolSculpting Means Perfection for You

Did you hear? We are now a Diamond Level Coolsculpting Practice, and that means several things.

Fat Reduction

Should Your Husband Have A Say In Your CoolSculpting Treatment?

Our spouses may say that they love us regardless of our physical appearances – inside and out – but the truth is, our appearances DO affect our relationships, no matter if our spouses are focused on the way we look or not.

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